Monday, October 12, 2015

Demise of Rodgers delivers Klopp to the Kop

Jurgen Klopp is unveiled at Anfield as the new manager of Liverpool Football Club. 
Liverpool have cleared the way to turn around their poor start to the season with the deployment of Brendan Rodgers to the coast of Spain for a permanent holiday. His sacking was, of course, last week met with immediate speculation about who would be the next Reds successor and the speculation was short-lived with what appeared to be the imminent signing of German, Jurgen Klopp. In Klopp, Liverpool have secured a promising and steady short-to-mid-term future for the club. The charismatic, relaxed and almost larrikin manager looks to be the personality the club was in much need of after the last month under the pressure-consumed Brendan Rodgers.
Brendan Rodgers casting a lone figure on the sideline. Some may consider Rodgers very unlucky considering the players he lost during his time at Liverpool.
Rodgers stress levels had been on the rise ever since surviving the summer, where his presence was saved only by the removal of his assistants. Although there were some moments that suggested Rodgers may be able to turn it around, in recent games the manager looked stone-cold, isolated and like the proverbial managerial-death was engulfing him. He was void of all passion that had dominated his early Liverpool career sideline appearances. The fact that he was making tactical changes only once the broader fan-base and commentators had called for them, was a sign of a captain lost at the wheel. If Fenway Sports Group had of allowed Rodgers to continue and the results didn’t turn, then Liverpool would have been stuck with another lost season, along with their chance to grab the manager-of-the-moment, Jurgen Klopp. Indeed, another bad season under Rodgers could have led to some of their top-flight players looking elsewhere next summer.
Klopp’s appointment to the Merseyside club had been called for ever since his departure from Borussia Dortmund in May. While widely respected across Europe and creditably lauded for his coaching ability, it seems that just how good the diamond Liverpool now have as their manager is, was unknown until his final arrival in the city last Friday. Pundits abound have signalled the appointment as a serious statement from owners, FSG; even former Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, described it as “worrying” on what Klopp could do for his former rivals.

Klopp’s first challenge begins on Saturday night (AEST) against an improving Tottenham Hotspur, and with one of the best defences in the Premier League, securing a win won’t be easy for Liverpool. What’s exciting is Klopp’s belief that the side he has taken control of is one that he can immediately work with to achieve higher results. His appointment has been the refreshment Liverpool have needed. The next few weeks are going to show where the club is headed and if Klopp’s history is anything to go by, there’s a genuine reason for the fans to be pumped-up. No longer will The Reds run out jaded, they have a 48-year-old energiser bunny bouncing off the Melwood walls.