Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cherry-Evans bypasses Titans, becomes a dog.

He might be laughing all the way to the bank, but he won't be laughing when he runs out against the Gold Coast in round 18.
Photo: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images Asia
Let’s not beat around the bush, Daly Cherry-Evans is a dog.

The way in which he has gone about his business in negotiating a new contract has been deplorable. Those commentators in the game that have come out on his side need to see it for what it is. He has played every single stakeholder in the process and taken everyone for a ride. His answers to the tough questions have been almost political, and come off as cheesy and downright fake.  

He has lamented the usual ‘doing the best thing for the family’ and ‘the opportunity to be a one club player’ as the reasons for turning on the Titans and re-signing with the Sea Eagles. Please, what a joke. Every man and his dog can see through this face-pulling smack.

Right from the start of the process, you could tell this wasn’t going to be your standard re-sign. The management of the Manly playmaker tipped off media outlets when he visited both the Gold Coast and Cronulla clubs to hold talks. At this point, there’s not too much wrong with that, players do it all the time to give their own club a sense that they’re willing to look elsewhere for the best deal. Is it a good look? No, not really. Is it disrespectful? Somewhat, yes, but it’s the tactics player agents use to find the best deal for their player.

But when you let a club officially announce you will be joining them next year on a four-year deal, when you announce on national television that you’re excited to join that new club, and when you repeatedly state you’ll be going through with your agreement only to then renege on the deal, going back on your word, quite frankly, you’re an insolent hypocrite.

The effect of Cherry-Evans drawn out contract talks has had far-wider implications than just his own reputation being damaged. The Titans have lost Nate Myles because of the money they forked out to afford Cherry-Evans, Aiden Seizer signed with Canberra because the Titans needed to make way for Cherry-Evans. Manly are sitting on the bottom of the table, and it’s hard not to link the drama that has surrounded the Cherry-Evans saga with their poor form. Geoff Toovey is now on the verge of loosing his job as Head Coach because of the team’s performances this year, in which Cherry-Evans is the gun playmaker. 

Notice a theme here? Everything has been about Daly Cherry-Evans. He’s made himself the center of the universe in order to rake in as much cash as he could.

The star halfback has held a steady reputation as a ‘good guy’ in the NRL since coming into the competition in 2011, and has said he’s comfortable with his reputation copping a backlash because of the backflip. Well let me tell you Daly, the fans will be delivering a backlash. The working and middle-class fans of the game hate nothing more than a pomp, self-indulgent, greedy wank…. player. They can see through the spin.

Cherry-Evans lied through his teeth. Showing no respect for the fans, for the Gold Coast Titans and for the game in general. He's known full well what he's doing all along. You’re on over a million dollars a year, in one of the luckiest positions in Australia. Show a bit of grace and humility. People spend their hard earned to buy tickets and watch you play, to purchase season memberships of your club, to save up and buy the jersey with your number on it. Once you disrespect the fans, you’ve lost all face son. And by god, you’ve lost them.